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Rosemary Acosta-unknown

Rose Adams-2012

Lillie Adragna-2002

Ronnie Alonzo, Sr.-2010

Gloria Arcement-unknown

Robert Arceneaux-2017

Rosalyn Arms-2013

Ann Baade-unknown

Daisy Baker-unknown

Kathleen Baker-2012

Adele Barnes-unknown

Charles Beard-1998

Carolyn Beckett-2018

Josie Bellina-2018

Joyce Ben-unknown

Theresa Bernstein-2016

James Bickford-2018

Shirley Bilquist-2010

Dorothy Blackstone-unknown

Robert Blanchard-2009

Claudia Boackle-2010

Jerry  Bohannan-2018

Herman Bonnette-2015

Lloyd Borne-2006

Rosalie Boudreaux-2006

Samuel Boyd-2013

Millie Bradford-unknown

Drucilla Bradley-2017

Johnny Brechtel-2010

Dorothea Bridges-unknown

Rose Briere-2009

Keith Briggs-unknown

Ronald Brouphy-unknown

Virginia Buck-unknown

Mary Buckley-2014

Daniel Burson-2017

Renee Cady-2017

Jan Cangelosi-2009

Doris Chauvin-unknown

George Chauvin-unknown

Eunice Churchill-1994

Eloise Clement-unknown

Dorothy Coleman-2013

Jim Connor-2017

Jayne Conzelmann-2011

Charlie Corne-2007

Patsy Cox-2012

Bernadette Coyle-unknown

Hugh Craft-2018

Diane Crespo-2016

Ruth Crespo-2013

Betty Crovetto-2013

Diana Crovetto-2006

Lloyd Cuevas-unknown

Wallace Cullen-unknown

Janice Cummings-2018

Iris Cyr-1990

Shirley Luquet Dagro-2007

Frances Dauterive-unknown

Joseph Davies-1990

Marge Davies-2003

Hyacinth de Baroncelli-unknown

Susan Deffes-2016

Hazel Delorenzo-2011

Carolyn Despaux-2004

Louise Desselle-unknown

Julia DiGiovanni-2016

Elizabeth Doerr-2017

Peola Dominick-2004

Don Drago-2014

Marion Ducros-unknown

Eunice Duhe-unknown

Linda Duncan-unknown

Marguerite Dupuis-unknown

Alfreda Earhardt-unknown

Marilyn Ebert-unknown

Betty Egedy-unknown

Louviere Elaine-2017

Joseph Ernst-unknown

Margaret Erwin-2014

Sonia Gabb Evans-2010

Evelyn Fabian-2002

Gene Faust-unknown

Marty Fernandez-unknown

Tony Fernandez-2010

Julie Fielding-unknown

Dolores Fitch-unknown

Nancy Roberts FitzSimons-2018

Ralph Fleming-unknown

Trudy Foret-1990

Rosa-Emma Foster-2004

Carol Francis-2017

Lucy Gagliano-2010

Lynn Paul Gagnon-1992

Amelie Gauthier-unknown

Renee Glindmeyer-2016

Ruby Glover-unknown

Catherine Godwin-2005

Gerald Gooch-2012

Gloria Lee Gourgues-2009

Nerli Grather-2016

Jeanne Guercia-2015

Gwen Guillory-2014

Georgette Hall-unknown

Norman Hall-unknown

Katherine Hanle-unknown

Ysonne Hanle-unknown

Rita Mae Haskins-unknown

Edward Heider-unknown

Warren Heidman-unknown

Harold Helscher-2008

Mary Sue Henderson-unknown

Gwen Janssen-2018

Kathy Hilbert Jirovec-2000

Jane Johnson-2013

Marvin Johnson-2008

Millie Joiner-2015

Buford Jones-unknown

Francis Jones-unknown

John Kane-2013

Raymond Kent-unknown

Mary Jo King-2014

Merle Landry King-2018

Sam King-unknown

Veronica "Ronnie" Klaus-2010

Mercedes Klees-unknown

Vivian Kleyle-unknown

Shirley Kneale-2015

Charlie Koch-unknown

Carol Labourdette-1993

Adele Ory Lacassagne-2006

Joseph "J.T." Ladner-unknown

Paul Lafrance-unknown

Carol Sylvera Lanclos-2018

Wilson Landreneau-2009

J.W. Landry-unknown

Russell Landry III-2006

Russell Landry Jr.-2003

Emma Laws-unknown

Victoria Lemoine-2011

Ronnie Leroux-unknown

Annette Levet-unknown

Odette Levet-unknown

Jim Lewis-2008

Maude Bergeron Lewis-unknown

Travis Long-unknown

Robert Magbie-2017

Elmiral Martin-2014

John Mathews-2013

Sheron Mayeau-2017

Bernice Mayer-unknown

Peggy Mayfield-unknown

Fern McDaniel-unknown

Francis Smith Melerine-2006

Marion Meneses-2017

Marguerite Milazzo-1998

Charles Miller-2009

Caroline Mistrot-2009

Diane Mistrot-unknown

Carmelite Labruzzo Mitchell-2010

Gerald Mocklin-2012

Charles Modenbach-2006

Joan Moliere-2004

Betty Moody-unknown

Myrtle Moon-2002

Donald Moore-unknown

Gloria "Janie" Morales-2009

Janice Wright Morrison-unknown

Edgar Mouton-2005

Joel Mumphrey-2014

Agnes Munster-unknown

Jo Ann Najolia-2016

Ronald Nicosia-2016

Carrie Noble-unknown

Linda Nunez-2016

Vera Nuschler-2018

Bobby Nuss-unknown

Francis Onstad-unknown

Alma Pagano-unknown

Jesse "J" Palagy-unknown

Linda Pasqua-unknown

Marie Perez-1990

Leon Perniciaro-1990

Marie Louise Preble-2010

Gloria Rando-unknown

Mary Recurt-2009

Annie Mae Richard-2017-June 30

Anna Mae Richardson-unknown

Rosalie Roose-unknown

Louise Roper-unknown

Floyd Roy-unknown

Hazel Roy-2009

Irwin Ruiz-2014

Michael Schneller-2014

Milton Schoettle-2011

Jesse Scott-2012

Sherrie Scott-unknown

Max Shaneyfelt-2014

Willie Mae Small-2010

Henry Smith-2013

James Sprinkle-unknown

Carolyn St. Pierre-2017

Olga Stanfill-unknown

Edwin Steele-unknown

Michael Stohlman-unknown

Janelle Stutts-2008

Jimmy Stutts-2016

John Sugar-2010

Antoinette Richard Tassin-2010

Louis H Tedesco-2010

Richard Thames-unknown

Katherine Thornton-2014

Allen Tillery-2017

Kathy Trosclair-unknown

Patricia Ullrich-2011

Christina Vella-2017

Charles Venturella-unknown

Gertrude "Trudy" Waguespack-2018

Marion Walker-unknown

Al Waller-2005

Clo Willis-unknown

James Wood-1999

Richard Woodward-unknown

Janice Wright-unknown

Edwina Wyndham-2006

Candy Zeairs-2005

"In Memoriam Frederick Douglass"
By Eloise A. Bibb 1891


O Death! why dost thou steal the great,

With grudging like to strongest hate,

And rob the world of giant minds,

For whom all nature mourns and pines.

So few have we upon the earth,

Whom God ennobled at their birth,

With genius stamped upon their souls,

That guides, directs, persuades, controls

Please notify us with any names which are missing or if you have any information on the year a person passed on.  Click here.

May You Always Walk In Sunshine

May you always walk in sunshine
and God’s around you flow,
for the happiness you gave us,
no one will ever know.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
but you did not go alone,
a part of us went with you,
the day God called you home.
A million times we needed you,
a million times we’ve cried.
If love could only have saved you,
you never would have died.
The Lord be with you and
may you rest in peace.

Those We Love Must Someday Pass

Those we love must someday
pass beyond our present sight...
Must leave us and the world
we know without their radiant light.
But we know that like a candle
their lovely light will surely shine
to brighten up another place
more perfect... more divine.
And in the realm of Heaven where
they shine so warm and bright.
Our loved ones live forevermore
in God’s eternal light.

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