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50 Year Anniversary

If our state retirees want to avoid scrutiny and possible future cuts, we as individuals and as an organization need to encourage our state legislature to develop a comprehensive plan for budget and tax reform at their earliest opportunity. No one wants to pay more taxes, but the recommendations that have been made would actually provide for a tax system that is broad based where everyone is paying their fair share.  -Rodney Watson, LRTA Executive Director

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2014 membership-150

2015 membership-167

2016 membership-171

2017 membership-176

2018 membership-192

2019 membership-187

2020 membership-183

2021 membership-195

2022 membership-204

2023 membership-202

(137 of these are Lifetime)

School Supplies
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Congratulations to

Milton Boackle

2023 SBRTA Retiree of the Year.

Collecting school supplies for school children is a great, yet easy way for us to give back to our community.  SBRTA's program asks you to bring any type of school supplies to any of our SBRTA meetings.  The supplies would be stored until distribution to a designed school.  Items like pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, rulers, paint brushes, washable paint, construction paper, pipe cleaners, wide-lined spiral notebooks, glue, pocket folders, and inexpensive calculators are always needed.

State Dues

Active Members-$30 annually

Associate Members-$12 annually

LRTA Lifetime Members-$600 one-time payment

click any of the following for an application:

State Membership Application

St. Bernard Parish Local Unit Application


Click the AMBA graphic below for additional information.

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About us

Our organization is under the umbrella of the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association.  Our organization serves many purposes which include


Click More Details  for upcoming meeting information and the latest news about our members, LRTA news and national news about educational and retiree issues.


Check out the photos from our meetings and other functions


Click Contact Us below to contact a current officer.

Next election of officers is in December 2017.

SBRTA Meeting Registration 

Event:   September 22, 2023

Place:   Docville Farm, Meraux

Time:   11:30 a.m.

Entree': to be determined

Price:   $22/members; $24 non-members

If you would like to attend the upcoming meeting, call Paul or text 504-301-7194 to let him know how many attending.  You can pay at the door.

Membership Benefits


Be Informed!  Stay Connected!  Get Involved!

Membership in SBRTA and LRTA is open to any teacher, support person, administrator, retired from the public schools, state and municipal colleges and universities of Louisiana; any teacher or administrator retired in any other state but living in Louisiana; any spouse who becomes a benefit recipient of State Teachers Retirement System; and any person in Louisiana interested in education and the issues of retirees.


There are many benefits to joining the organization.  Our state and local organization:

  • Works exclusively for St. Bernard and Louisiana’s retired teachers and support personnel

  • Represents Louisiana’s retired teachers at the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana committee and board meetings, at Louisiana’s Legislative meetings, and in Washington D.C.

  • Monitors and tracks all legislation affecting retired teachers

  • Assists with leadership training at district area and state levels

  • Publishes a monthly newsletter to keep members apprised of the latest news

  • Updates social media networks to keep members informed in real time

  • Provides this website and the LRTA website,, with timely and relevant information


Through LRTA’s partnership with the Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA), members also receive additional benefits including:

  • Travel packages, medical air transport, hotel and rental car discounts

  • Low long distances rates, Internet and computer training rates

  • Long-term care plans for members and families

  • Discounted hearing and vision services

  • Affordable auto, home, life, and health care insurance plans (Medicare supplement, annuity, cancer treatment)

  • Identity theft protection plan

  • Pet insurance (coming soon)

​Purposes of Our Organization

  • Promote the social, professional, and economic status of retired and active school employees

  • Works in cooperation with the Louisiana Retired Teachers Association (LRTA, the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana (TRSL), and with other groups in matters of interest to retired school employees, active school personnel, and parish and state public schools

  • Educates and influences legislators on matters of importance to members and active educators

Goals of Our Organization

Our goals are to

  • Increase our membership size

  • Increase fellowship and involvement of members

  • Provide an organization framework through which retired educators and support personnel can continue a life of service to fellow members, their active colleagues, and their communities

  • Elevate the status of retirees

  • Increase awareness and influence on important issues impacting retirees and public education.

Values of Our Organization

Our organizational values are to

  • Serve members and the association

  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty, and transparency in our leadership

  • Have respect for diversity of people and ideas

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